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Sant Nirankari Mission


Brief Introduction

The Sant Nirankari Mission is a spiritual organization that was founded in 1929 in Peshawar, which is now part of Pakistan. The organization’s primary focus is on promoting the unity of all religions and the realization of God through self-realization. The mission was founded by Baba Buta Singh, who believed that God could be experienced through personal introspection rather than through traditional religious practices.

The mission has grown significantly since its inception, with branches all over the world, including India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The mission holds regular satsangs, which are gatherings where members come together to sing hymns, meditate, and listen to spiritual discourses. The mission also engages in charitable activities, such as providing aid to disaster-stricken areas and supporting education and healthcare initiatives.

One of the key principles of the Sant Nirankari Mission is the importance of a living spiritual guide, who is seen as essential for spiritual growth and guidance. The mission has had several spiritual leaders, known as Satgurus, who are believed to be appointed by God to guide the mission’s followers.

The Sant Nirankari Mission has faced some controversy and opposition in the past, particularly from some Sikh groups who view the organization as a threat to their own religious beliefs. However, the mission has continued to grow and promote its message of spiritual unity and self-realization.

founders of dhan nirankar

in detail

As we all know that we human is the crown creation of God. The objective of human life is to attain God-knowledge. Everyone is searching for God or worshipping through one mode or the other even though without knowing the ultimate reality.

We can see places of worship belonging to different religious faiths and all kinds of rites and rituals being performed individually and collectively by the people.

It is also acknowledged by sages and saints that God can be realized by blessings of the sadhguru’s only.

no one can claim that whom he is worshipping is the only true god. Here we will see “how to find God” we can also say Discovery of God. (Inspired by Sant Nirankari mission)

As we all know that God created the Universe like sky, earth, air, water, sun, moon, stars, human, animals and other species. One of the beautiful creations of God is human.

“There is one God-the Eternal Truth,

True is his Name, all-pervading divine spirit,

The Creator, The Supreme being

(Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent),

Without fear, without enmity,

Immortal Reality, Unborn, Self-existent,

Realized through the Grace of the Guru.”

          (Adi Granth-1)

Nirankari baba hardev singh

The Saints and sages have made it clear that God is the ocean of peace and divinity no doubt about it. There cannot be any peace without God, and no God – realization is possible without the grace of the our Sadhguru.

Unfortunately, we forget God (the Creator) and fell in the glamour of materialism and detracted from the main aim of human life and we keep on working day-night to earn more and more money-wealth by fair and unfair means to unlimited extent.

Saint talks about God and wishes to convey the message of the Truth but people ignoring him saying we have no time for this. Our gurus and saints repeatedly telling people not to remain engrossed in the worldly affairs and try to achieve the higher goal of life that is GOD realization for which he got this precious human life and Sant Nirankari mission is exactly doing the same.

Baba hardev Singhji

The question is how to find God?

The answer is very simple the ultimate reality, the eternal truth, the invisible formless sprit of all pervading God cannot be visualized and known to anybody without the kind grace of the perfect True Master.

how to find God within you?

The sadhu tells us there is no need to go to the forest in search of the Omnipresent God. God is within you, self-existent, present everywhere in each and every atom. Guru also says God is in invisible formless on by through the grace of their respective perfect gurus.

Jesus rightly said, The kingdom of God is at hand and so it has been stated in other scriptures that the face of Allah, God and Ram, The Omnipresent, can be unveiled to the sincere seekers by the perfect True master and this is how we can find god within yourself bible verse.

You don’t need to search anywhere it’s in you. Sant Nirankari mission Baba Hardev Singhji is imparting the divine knowledge and revealing the truth to every human being at mere asking regardless of one’s caste, colour, dress and culture or country.

This is an era of science and technology, but still we need divine knowledge and this have been reiterated by our great sadhgurus whose aim has always been to dispel and darkness of ignorance and to illuminate the minds of the millions, to dispense divine knowledge and thereby to grant peace, bliss and salvation to every human being living in any part of the globe.

Nirankari baba hardev Singh

Who is GOD? What’s it’s role?

Some salient attributes of GOD are- he is the Creator, the Sustainer and the Destroyer. He is formless, shapeless, colourless, omnipresent, omniscient, pervading all self-existent and immortal which means God was, is and always be there.

Where is God answer

God is hidden and cannot be seen with our naked eyes but God can be visualized and perceived through the grace of the True Master (Sadhguru) who gives the invisible eye to know God only sadhguru has capable to reveal God and no one else.

Dhan Nirankari Mata Sudiksha ji

Universal Brotherhood

Sant Nirankari Mandal or Sant Nirankari mission also known as a Universal Brotherhood Satguru Mata Sudikshaji is the Supreme Head of this Mission.

Now what does “Nirankari” means?

It means the Formless, Omnipresent all pervading of God. It is an International religious-spiritual organization who’s headquarter is in Nirankari Colony Delhi-110009(India).

What is the aim of Sant Nirankari Mission? Or Sant Nirankari mission and its ideology…

The aim of this mission is to bring divinity to human beings by preaching the concept of one God also one religion and one human family that is Universal Brotherhood in Hindi (Vasudev kutumbhkam).

The person who receives the Divine knowledge and perception of the formless spirit of God and believe in God and the True Master are known as Nirankaris.

Sant Nirankari Mission have a unique way of greeting each other when people meet each other they bow down touch other person’s feet and say “Dhan Nirankar” which means God is one God is Great and acknowledging that God resides within you.

Baba hardev Singh

Some basic principles of Sant Nirankari Mission

  • It arranges merger of soul with God.
  • It dispels the darkness and removes all our doubts.
  • It relieves people from the burden of rites.
  • It does not discriminate people against one another on the basis of caste-colour-nationality-culture or other thing.
  • It fosters the concept of One God One Religion One Human.
  • It brings everyone together and live together as members of Universal Brotherhood.
  • Mission creates new social spiritual society which is based on love, unity and peaceful co-existence.
  • It provides a common platform to all human beings.
  • It holds the True Master in highest esteem as he imparts Divine knowledge in the moments to every people.
  • It escorts the sincere seekers straight to the kingdom of God and establish direct communication the God.
  • Mission improves the quality of people by restoring moral values.

So, these are some Golden Principles of Sant Nirankari mission

Mata sudiksha ji

Sant Nirankari Mission Tour and social-human activities

Sant Nirankari Mission has been spreading Divine knowledge among all seekers of Truth on the other hand mission making useful contribution in providing social welfare services to the society.

This mission is running a Post Graduate College at Sohna, Gurgaon (Haryana), other educational institutions is also running outside Delhi-Punjab and other states they are providing quality education, moral education and most important spiritual education to the students in order to make them ideal citizens and true patriots.

Sant Nirankari Mission Hospital has set up at Delhi HQ and also at Chennai mission is running more than 150 Charitable dispensaries in various branches in India more than 10 mobile medical facility Delhi and Mumbai.

Babaji says “The blood should not be spilt in the drains, it should be rather injected in the veins of the poor and needy patients to save their lives.”

Dhan Nirankari Mission is the biggest Voluntary Institution donating blood every year organized by Govt. of India, Indian Red Cross Society and the State Health Departments.

Mission is running 52 Tailoring and various Embroidery centers in India.

Mission has been providing relief and (Langar) facility to people.

In addition, financial assistance has been given to the needy and poor persons.

Nirankari Mission providing medical facilities to pilgrims.

Dhan Nirankari Mission also organize mass-marriages for poor parents who cannot effort expense for their children’s marriage.

Nirankari mata sudiksha

What is the best caption for God?

Here are some inspirational words of wisdom which strengthen faith in God  

“God himself is in form (Akar-creation)

And without form (nir-Akar-all pervading spirit)

He coordinates, governs and controls

The entire cosmos”

(Adi Granth-287)


“He is the one God, hidden in all beings,

All-pervading, the self within all beings,

Watching over all works, dwelling in all

Being the witness, the perceiver,

The only One, free from qualities.”

(Svetasvatara Upanishad 6.11)


“Veiled by My Yogmaya (Divine Potency),

I am not manifest to all.

Hence these ignorant folk fail to recognize Me,

The unborn and impossible Supreme Deity.”

(Bhagwad Gita VII-25)


“Even if million of acts and rituals one may perform,

None can realize God without the gracious Guru.

Let there be no doubt that none has

Ever crossed the Ocean of materialism,

Without the grace of the Guru”

(Adi Granth-864)


“Beware of false prophets, who come

To you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly

They are ravenous wolves.”

(Matthew 7:15)


“They are the blind leaders of the blind

And when one blind man leads another,

Both fall into a ditch.”

(Matthew 15:14)


“Whenever there is the decline of dharma,

And Adharma is on the increase, then I descend myself,

Age after age, to restore dharma.”

(Gita Ch. IV, Shaloka 7-8)


“There is none in the likeness of the Guru,

He is the fortunate one who opts for the service of the Guru.”

(Adi Granth-1142)


“I am the way and the truth and the life,

No one comes to the Father except through me.”

(John 14.6)


Holy Bible says:

“The light has come into the world,

But men loved darkness rather than light,

Because their deeds are evil.

Any one who does evil things hates the light,

And will not come to the light

Because he does not want his evil deeds to be shown up.”

(John 3:19-20)


“Even if hundreds of moons appear and thousands of suns rise

There still shall remain complete darkness without the light of the Guru.”

(Adi Granth-463)


“I am the light of the world, whoever follows me

Shall have the light of life

And will never walk in darkness.”

(St. John. 8:12)


“Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.

Light upon light, Allah guideth unto his light whom he wills.”

(Quran XXIV-35)


“A blind can neither see himself nor the sighted ones;

But a sighted person can see both –

The blind as well as the sighted.”


“The Guru has given me the light of Divine knowledge,

And the darkness has vanished,

With God’s grace I have met the saint

And my mind has been illuminated.”

(Adi Granth-293)


“The divine light is everywhere and in all beings.

With this light the whole universe is illuminated

But this divine light becomes manifest only with

The kind grace of the Guru.”

(Adi Granth-13)


“The shell of the egg of illusion has burst,

My mind is illumined;

The Guru has broken the shackles

And the captive soul has been liberated.”

(Adi Granth-1002)


“O’ God! From untruth, lead me to light

From death, lead me to Immortality

Peace, Peace, Peace.”

(Bridhardanyaka Upanishad 1:3-28)


“There is no religion greater than perceiving

The formless God face to face;

There is no act better than serving the saints.”

(Avtar Bani-154)


“To be pure and unselfish,

That is the whole of religion.”

(Swami Vivekananda)


Lord Krishna said:

“Whenever there is the decline of dharma

And adharma is on the increase,

I descend myself, age after age to restore Dharma.”

(Gita Ch.IV)


“O’ Arjuna, leave aside all other

Dogmas and beliefs and come

To Me and I will reveal you to

the eternal Truth, which is the

essence of all religions.”

(Gita 18:66)


“Shed all dogmas and superstitions,

And realise God; this is the eternal religions.”

(Adi Granth)

“All human beings are created by the spirit of God,

The whole manifested world has been created with God’s spirit

So none is good or bad”

(Adi Granth-1349)


“Men were first of one Religion, then they fell at variance.

All the mankind is one family one people.

All men are brothers and sisters and

Should live as such. Allah loves those who so live.”

(Holy koran 2:12,9)


“Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find;

Knock and the door shall be opened.”

(methew 7:7)


“God is Love and Love is God.

Service to Man is service to God.”



“O dear fellows, shed ago of body,

Mind and wealth and seek refuge of the True master,

You can realise God, in a moment whom you have been searching here and there.”

(Avtar Bani-280)


“What will a person gain if he wins the whole world,

But loses his own soul.”

(Luke 9:25)


“To be carnally minded is death,

To be carnally minded is death,

To be spiritually minded is life and peace.”

(Romans 8:6)


“O’ man, why are you slumbering with the eyes of the mind closed?”

Awake and accomplish the task (of knowing God) For which you came into this world.”

(Avtar bani-167)


“In this world of tension and turmoil peace and tranquility would come by remembering God’s name,

Everybody would get comforting peace and solace by knowing and remembering God.”

(Avtar Bani-114)


“Sleep, intake of food, procreation and fear from the mighty are the common characteristics among the human beings and the animals;

Divine knowledge is the only distinguishing feature, which isolated men from the animal-world.”



“Peace cannot be attained by amassing wealth;

Peace cannot be attained by watching dance and drama;

Peace cannot be attained by visiting distant countries for making money;

Peace lies in knowing and singing glory of God in the fellowship of saints.”

(Adi Granth-1147)


“Blessed are the poor in spirit,

For theirs is the Kingdom of heaven;

Blessed are the pure in heart,

For they shall see God.”

(Mathew 5:3, 8)


“Leave aside all other dharma and take refuge in me alone

I shall absolve you of all sins and grant salvation, worry not.”

(Gita- Chap. XVIII)


“O, man you should know the light of God

Of which you are the tiny spark;

You should realise the Supreme Being

Whose bounties you are enjoying.”

(Avtar Bani-231)


“Glorifying God without seeing him,

Amounts to crying for the moon.”

Glorifying God without seeing him,

Amounts to setting the water on fire.

(Avtar Bani-144)


“O’ Man you have got this human life,

This is a golden opportunity to meet God,

All other acts and endeavours are useless,

Seek fellowship of the saints and

Know God- the Formless.”

(Adi Granth-378)


“You Samaritans do not really know whom you worship;

But we Jews know whom we worship.

God is a spirit and only by the power of his Spirit

Can people worship whom as he really is.”

(St. John 4:22-24)


“If you know God within this life, then it is good,

But if you do not know Him, then it will be your greatest loss.”

(Kena Upanishad)


“He who sees Me (the Universal Self) present in all beings,

And all beings existing within Me,

Never loses sight of me,

And I never lose sight of him.”

(Bhagwad Gita VI-30)


“I shall unfold to you in its entirety the divine wisdom-

Knowledge of God in its absolute formless aspect

Having known which nothing else remains yet to be known in this world.”

(Gita VII-2)

Sant Nirankari Sudikshaji


At the end God created man in his own image and thus man is the most beautiful creation by God. There is a specific purpose of human life and that is to know and realize the omnipresent all-pervading spirit of God- the father of all living and non-living thing in this universe.

Our purpose is not just Eat, Drink and Marry and die, the aim of our life is to know GOD the creator who has given us this beautiful gift in the form of body. Man without God is like a fish without water or a tree without the fruit or flower without fragrance. The soul without God remains unsatisfied and cannot attain peace and at last man departs from this world knowing well that even a needle does not go along with him. 
In this way the Sant Nirankari Mission organization is making an important contribution to the society, which is commendable and wonderful.

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