As we know Lord Shiva is a Supreme

So, How to do Shiva Charcha?

As we know Lord Shiva is not only a god but also a teacher of teachers (Gurus) which means “Adiguru

नमः शिवायः

Lord Shiv is the first Guru in this Universe

If you want to know this in detail come let's move towards shiva

Guru bhaiya Harindrananda is the first person

who teaches how to do "Shiv Charcha"

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According to Sanskrit word "śaiva" means "relating to the god Shiva"

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Lord Shiva is our own GURU

Learn Guru Vandana “गुरु वंदना”

Learn Kirtan “कीर्तन”

Learn Jagaran “जागरण”

Learn Shiv Story “शिव कथा”

Learn Bhajan “भजन”